Laminar Flow Plenium

We are engaged in the business of manufacturing, exporting and supplying of advance quality Laminar Flow Plenum.


Efficiency 99.97%

These systems are designed by making use of latest machineries, technologies and techniques. Widely used in operating theatres, these systems dilute the bacteria generated by the operating and patient and create an air flow pattern that carries out contaminated air away from operating table.

Further, our Laminar Flow Plenum also ensures sterility and cleanliness required for modern operating theater environment.

Air and Light Integrated Plenum Laminar flow HEPA filters having efficiency 99.97% down to 0.3 microns HEPA filters are factory tested Incased in Aluminum extruded framework with Micro-fiber glass imported media.

Air and Light Integrated Plenum confirms to Class 100. Certified Performance to DIN 4799 and ISO 14644 Validation services for Particle count, DOP Test, Number of Air changes per hour meet Operational Standards and Periodic Maintenance.

Plenum Box made of 60601 T5 Aluminum or Steel the Air & Light diffusers consist of two layers of monofilament precision woven polyester of uniform porosity with an open area of sufficient resistance to create laminar flow from diffuser face.

Diffusing air into the theatres uniformly over the total area, the Mediconz range of ventilated ceiling provide the sterility and cleanliness required for modern operating theater environment.

Integral lighting provides an illumination level in excess of 15000 Lux in Operating area and 10000 lux other electronic stepless dimming down to 5% without flicker.